Alta 3 Group is a consortium gathering a series of multi-task companies which cover a wide spectrum of professional services uniquely focused on giving comprehensive response to Project necessities. We offer a Connected Thinking Consultancy practise, providing technical assessment and effective solutions in any field of activity within the Building Services.











Our philosophy of Connected Thinking is centered around our clients, joined-up across sectors and geographies, applying exceptional know-how and expertise to give an integrated cross-disciplinary support, always searching for opportunities to oversee across boundaries for the benefit of each project. We are experts in analyzing problems, designing solutions, finding the key to accomplishment and implementing efficient strategies in order to achieve successful outcomes, reducing costs and schedules, improving quality and always seeking to exceed expectations.

Our Consultants have decades of experience working alongside with governments, public organizations and private sector clients. Calling on optimal performances, resources and permanent accompaniment throughout the entire design and management processes, we reliably deliver tailored-solutions to a broad range of complex projects. We have collaborated with clients within numerous projects all around the globe, organizing the most competent teams accordingly with each specific scope, location and requirement.

Our services include Architectural & Engineering Project Design, from conception to execution; Project & Construction Management; Logistics & Procurement, Consultancy and Business Developement. Thanks to the personalized attention offered by our senior staff we always guarantee a visible head fully responsible for the client management in each of our jobs, making sure that the command chain will never fail throughout the project evolution.

Our mission is simple: reducing Stress & Pressure, saving Time and increasing Profit for our clients. Only through commitment, steady management & keen decision-taking these objectives are possible. It is our aim to warrant measurable and sustainable-triple bottom line results, delivering added value to each of the entrusted projects, and above all, ensuring long term relationships and future collaborations.


Abu Dhabi – Avoriaz – Bogota – Brussels – Cali – Casablanca – Dakar – Doha – Dubai – Geneva – Lima – Lisbon – Mexico DF – Monterrey – Muscat – Yakarta


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